Improve your Golf using Emotional Freedom Techniques

04/11/2009 - Our resident golf guru at Anfi Tauro Golf is Ian Bradshaw, director of the International Golf Academy. Here he tells us about an exciting new technique that is improving the game of many golfers.

Improve your Golf using Emotional Freedom Techniques

Golf, you would think, is difficult enough without having something like EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) added to the equation. However you would be totally wrong!

EFT was developed in the early nineteen nineties by a gentleman called Gary Craig. It has long been thought that everything is made up of energy, with different objects vibrating with a different frequency.

This idea is called quantum physics.

Now all of this may seem a long way from improving your golf, but believe me it will and I will guarantee it!

Emotions play a huge part in our everyday lives and cause most of the health problems that we see today. This is exactly the same with golf. Most golfers will never improve because of their limiting beliefs such as: “I will never be able to break 80”, “I don´t want to play better than my playing partners”, “My putting always lets me down”, “That hole with the water hazard always gets me”.

These are just some of the hundreds of excuses which are used all the time by golfers who are stuck at their level.

EFT can be used quickly and easily to take away these limiting beliefs and allow the golfer to experience immediate improvements in their game.

I have carried out numerous tests using EFT and the results are amazing.

One gentleman was struggling to believe in himself. I used EFT with him and taught him how to use it on himself. That season he won four big tournaments and reduced his handicap from 28 to 12!

On another occasion, I used EFT on a class of ladies who had just started to play the game. This was during a putting lesson. I asked the ladies to tell me what they where thinking about while they putted. The answers ranged from “I will never hole this putt” to “I will never be any good at this game”.

I did a round of EFT and we started again. The results were remarkable, with them starting to putt with confidence and fun and all of them improving their results by over fifty percent.

This way of healing and improving performance is based on acupuncture; however, instead of using needles we use the tips of our fingers to tap on the meridian points.

Trust me, this idea works and to prove it, I guarantee that if you come to me for a lesson and I use EFT and you do not improve, the lesson is free!

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