What Is Our Social Corporate Responsibility?

27/06/2011 - The term ‘Social Corporate Responsibility’ is a phrase that, in recent years, has become somewhat commonplace within the business world. It refers to the efforts which a company undertakes to produce an overall positive impact on society.

What Is Our Social Corporate Responsibility?

As a company, the Anfi Group has an ongoing responsibility and commitment to behave ethically whilst contributing to economic development, both for our workforce as well as society at large.

It’s a commitment we take earnestly, and has led us to develop and launch ‘Anfi Cares’, the trademark representing all of the Social Corporate Responsibility efforts that the company undertakes.

Anfi Eco – Let’s Go Green

The Anfi Cares trademark also acts as an umbrella for Anfi Eco, our environmental campaign that champions sustainable tourism, energy efficiency and a greener day-to-day existence within the Anfi Group.
In addition, it covers our ongoing commitment to charitable organisations, both in the Canary Islands and worldwide.

Actions Speak Louder than Words

Over recent years, the Anfi Group has implemented various strategies to ensure the growth and effectiveness of ‘Anfi Cares’.
The measures that we are currently undertaking, or have plans to commence, are wide ranging. They include relatively simple advancements such as the elimination of plastic shopping bags within our retail outlets, through to larger projects, such as assisting in the re-forestation of Gran Canaria’s forests, following the catastrophic forest fires of 2007.

The Story So Far

As an ongoing project, Anfi Cares is invariably developing and expanding. Below is a brief summary of the charitable events held to date in 2011 and the charities we are currently working with.

• February 2011 – Manos Unidas
The Spanish charity dedicated to the wellbeing of needy children throughout the world, held a charity golf tournament in the Real Club de Golf in Las Palmas. Anfi Group donated accommodation vouchers which were raffled at the event.

• March 2011 – Asociación Canaria de Cáncer de Mama
Fundraising event for the The Canarian Breast Cancer Charity. Anfi Group donated coveted raffle prizes for the event, which, we were advised, went on to be re-raffled generating additional monies for the charity. To date, the event has raised over €5,500.

• April 2011 - Golf Tournament in Solidarity with Japan
Fundraising event hosted at Anfi Tauro Golf, attended by members of the Japanese community in the Canaries. The event was a great success with 120 golfers taking part raising over €3,300 for the cause.

• May 2011 – Golf Tournament Fundraiser for UNICEF
Prolific children’s charity UNICEF, together with the Anfi Group, hosted a ‘shotgun start’ golf tournament at Anfi Tauro Golf raising almost €4,500.

In addition to the fundraising events mentioned above, over the past few years, the Anfi Group has been involved with selected charities, both in the Canary Islands and overseas.

One of which is Claire House Children’s Hospice - a small, privately run charity, situated in the north of England. It was set-up in December 1998, with the aim of providing a service to children and young adults with life threatening or life limiting conditions.

Claire House faces monthly running costs of over £200,000, much of which is acquired through fundraising. The Anfi Group is honoured to have supported Claire House, and to have contributed in a small way to the running costs of the hospice. We have donated a selection of accommodation vouchers which will be raffled at the hospice’s annual winter raffle this year.

What’s next?

Closer to home, the Anfi Group is developing its involvement with Spanish children’s charity Nuevo Futuro, a Spanish charity founded in 1968 – their objective being ‘To support abandoned and estranged children throughout the world’.

Through fundraising events, donations and media coverage, the Anfi Group is looking forward to playing its part in raising much-needed funds as well as increasing the charity’s public profile.

In-line with our social responsibility towards our Members and the local community, plans for a sea-bed cleaning of the Anfi del Mar beach, are underway for this summer.

Anfi employees, in conjunction with Scuba Sur Diving Centre, the PADI affiliated diving school at Anfi, will be volunteering for the clean-up operation. Dates and details of the event, once finalised, will be communicated via our website, Facebook and Twitter.

How Can You Help?

If you would like further information on Anfi Groups’ social corporate responsibility initiatives, or the events, charities and affiliations mentioned above, or if you would like to contribute to any of the charitable organisations listed please contact us via [email protected]

As market leaders, and one of Gran Canaria’s largest employers, the Anfi Group’s impact on both the environment and wellbeing of its workforce, Members and guests, has always been a priority - it’s a responsibility we take most seriously.

Our aim is to be a safe, ethical and environmentally sound business, and with your support, we will continue to demonstrate that Anfi Cares.
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