The Anfi Group joins forces with the Saxo Bank Cycling Team

05/12/2011 - The Anfi Group will have their logo displayed on the jerseys and the bikes of the cycling team, Saxo Bank - according to the agreement reached last week between the directors of both companies.

The Anfi Group joins forces with the Saxo Bank Cycling Team

The Anfi Group’s brand will be represented in more than 250 races worldwide over the next twelve months and will feature prominently in the Tour de France, the Giro d'Italia or the Tour of Spain.

The main attraction of the Danish squad is team leader, Alberto Contador - triple champion of the Tour de France and one of the most popular media sports stars of the moment.

Contador will join his fellow teammates during the first stage of the collaboration between the Canarian company and Saxo Bank next January, when the squad, led by Bjarne Riis, will stay in Anfi Group accommodation in Gran Canaria.

During the two-week visit the cyclists will follow an intense training programme followed by a second equally gruelling training programme that will take place next November, according to the agreement signed by the both parties.

Jose Luis Trujillo, Anfi Group CEO, said that "this new promotional campaign represents our continuing support for top level sports without, of course, forgetting our ongoing commitment to the various social actions which we support."

This mutual collaboration is "a way to consolidate the Anfi brand and promote its international image."
With this in mind, Trujillo said, "We believe that this team will be an excellent international ambassador for Anfi." Anfi will join BMW, which is also one of the main sponsors of the team.

The head of Anfi insisted, "The quality of the Riis Cycling team and their projections have been crucial in sports that we have opted to join forces and work together towards the same objectives."

The Anfi Group is joining the Riis team in order to "enhance their performance in the tourism markets" and he is confident that the initiative will "in the short and medium term break all the moulds in the industry giving Anfi a greater presence and participation in events in the cycling world."

Bjarne Riis, team leader, said: "I am proud of instigating this close partnership with a company as powerful and as well recognized in the tourism sector as the Anfi Group.”

For Riis Cycling the benefits of the alliance "are more than obvious because by partnering with the Anfi Group it gives us a unique, world-class location to prepare our team for next season."

The training base "is unbeatable as the facilities at
Anfi and the conditions that Gran Canaria offers us is everything that any team could want at the start of season."
Riis continued, “This, together with the temperate climate during the winter months and the varied landscape with many different alternatives routes fits perfectly with the needs of a professional cycling team.”

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