Alberto Contador - Supports Gran Canaria as a Top international Cycling Destination

12/01/2012 - Alberto Contador, three time winner of the Tour de France and leader of the Team Saxo Bank

Alberto Contador - Supports Gran Canaria as a Top international Cycling Destination

Anfi. How is the training camp going here in Gran Canaria and at Anfi Emerald Club?

It’s going really well. I think it’s a perfect destination to prepare us to reach our objectives in 2012.

It’s an ideal area with an impressive and enviable climate with a road network and a geography which allows us to work well towards our next races. There are lots of possibilities - many mountainous routes as well as flatter roads around the coast.

It’s true that it’s a terrain for which you need to be fit, but you have lots of options. Although it doesn’t seem so big the island offers a lot of choice for training.

Anfi: And what are your goals for 2012?

We adapted our programme thinking about the main objective which is the Tour de France. The main goal is the Tour - not only for me but for all the team and we are fighting one hundred percent. To win is always difficult , there are lots of rivals who are working to the maximum.

And later I‘d like to participate in the Olympic Games.
Everyone would like to represent their country - it would be an honour for me. And then there’s the possibility of participating in the Vuelta de España.

I haven’t taken part since 2008 - I am especially motivated to take part this year.

Anfi: And is the rest of the team adapting to Gran Canaria?

Well, yes, they are delighted. Just imagine, a couple of us are Spanish but the others from Denmark and other colder counties with different climates - they are crazy about this weather

Anfi: As a Cyclist Tourism destination what do you think of Gran Canaria?

I think that the island is ideal for practising cycling.

There are other islands which seem to be better known when you think of cycling, but I’m personally really happy with the island of Gran Canaria because the possibilities which it offers - things I haven’t seen in other places where I have been to.

Perhaps it hasn’t got this same fame which other islands might have, but I think it is even better for training.

Anfi: Apart from your training, how are you finding the facilities Anfi Emerald Club for your rest periods?

They are really treating us marvellously here in Anfi .
It’s true that we can’t make the most of all the facilities the hotel has to offer as much as would like because we are training so hard.

We are training and resting. training and resting. But of course it’s an ideal place to come to on holiday and to disconnect. It’s been a very pleasant surprise - with the golf course and the luxurious apartments - it’s perfect.

We are here now to work but very possibly, in the near future, I’ll come back to enjoy a holiday.

I’ll be back in November to train with the team but I think I’ll definitely be paying a visit before then.

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