Improve your Swing at Anfi Tauro Golf’s New Fitting Centre

31/01/2012 - Anfi Group recently launched its Anfi Tauro Golf Fitting Centre with an open day for local players.

Improve your Swing at Anfi Tauro Golf’s New Fitting Centre

Golfers were introduced to the exclusive service that the new Centre offers: an authentic golf MOT which involves a detailed analysis of the player’s swing, the aim of which is to create tailor-made clubs that greatly improve the golfer’s game.

To this end, Club Fitting Centre employs the latest technology, a machine with 3D radar that is used in tracking flight routes, and which incorporates the systems, “Flight Scope” combined with “Swing Model”. Roughly speaking, this is a double camera system which simultaneously records from behind and in front - with the aim of capturing the full movement of the swing.

Officially recognised by the brand Titleist, the Centre will be under the supervision of professional player, Jay Graham and Anfi Tauro Golf ‘s teacher, Ian Bradshaw.

The director of Anfi Tauro Golf, Francisco de Bethencourt said, “Titleist now has a Club Fitting Centre here in the Canary Islands which rivals any in California or Florida, and because of this Titleist has named Anfi Tauro Golf their ambassadors in the Canary Islands.”

He added, “All players have their own particular swing with its own specific characteristics, and because of this they need tailor-made clubs. Imagine if Messi were to play with ill-fitting football boots or Casillas had over-sized gloves.”

The Titleist Club Fitting allows clubs to be tailor-made based on the player’s: swing, height, arm-length, size of hands as well as the pattern and rhythm of their swing. A PGA Professional notes and monitors all these adjustments.

The Centre also helps players to choose a golf club head with the adequate “forgiveness”, which means the characteristics of the flight of the ball adjusts to the particular aptitude of each player.

In general, to improve their game, golfers need to focus on three areas: increased consistency, increased distance and increased precision. The Titleist Club Fitting can help players improve in each of these areas, turning them into better golfers as well as allowing them to enjoy the game more, avoid injury and impress their friends.

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