The Women of Anfi Celebrated International Women’s Day

09/03/2012 - The Anfi Group is an equal opportunities workplace with six out of ten workers (60%) being female. Which translates to 500 females in a workforce of 900.

The Women of Anfi Celebrated International Women’s Day

In addition, women occupy 40% of management posts within the company.
The equality between men and women is reflected in salaries - depending on certain categories (level of education, age, experience, family responsibilities or work history) there are no wage differences of any kind between the sexes.
"We’ve always been aware that the equalization of wages is rigorous, regardless of sex," said Santiago Zerpa, director of Human Resources. "The only thing that we look at when recruiting are the qualifications of the person, not whether they are a man or woman," continued Zerpa.

In addition, Anfi has pledged to reconcile family and work situations for its workers – with fifty employees benefitting from reduced working hours during the past year, representing a 15,000 in reduction of work hours during 2011.
The majority of employees (90%) who benefited from this measure were women who chose to reduce their working hours to spend more time caring for their families.
To mark the occasion, and as a gesture of appreciation for their hard work, Anfi Management gifted a flower to all female employees as they gathered to celebrate their special day.
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