Is this ‘Anfi’s Greatest Fan’?

08/05/2012 - Anfi Member Derek Campany has gone to extraordinary lengths to proclaim his love of the resort - he has chosen to wear his love of Anfi on his sleeve, quite literally, in the form of a permanent tattoo!

Is this ‘Anfi’s Greatest Fan’?

The large tattoo on his upper arm features the Anfi logo, with the words ‘Anfi Faultless’ inscribed below. The inscription was inspired by both his feelings towards the resort itself, but also towards the staff whom Derek says “are faultless and without them we wouldn’t be such happy Members.”

The idea of having a tattoo was driven from his love of the resort, but also as a fun way to let prospective Members know his views on becoming an Anfi Member.

So now, whenever anyone asks him how he feels about Anfi, he displays his tattoo with a flourish!

Derek and his wife Val, from Finton-on-Sea in Essex, have been Anfi Members for 4 years, during which time they have upgraded 3 times and they are now the contented owners of a Penthouse in Club Gran Anfi.

Their love of Anfi is tangible; they are recognized throughout the resort, from the sales staff to the bus drivers – everyone knows Derek & Val!

Derek explained, “The tattoo I have had done sums up Anfi in one word ‘faultless’ – our only regret is that we didn’t do this 20 years ago.”

Val went on to explain, “It’s so nice to ‘come home’ and see all the regular staff such as Scott Kirby, his wife Nicola, who also works at Anfi and his colleagues. And to be instantly recognised by the courtesy-bus driver, ‘hello my friend’ he calls, and even the guy behind the desk at Anfi Emerald Club!

We feel reassured that the decision we made 4 years ago was the right one – Scott and his family have become ‘family’ to us, they are real, warm and friendly people, who always make us feel so welcome, they are an asset to Anfi.”

How big an Anfi fan are you? We love hearing happy holiday tales from our Members, tell us your thoughts on becoming Anfi Members – what does Anfi mean to you?
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