Baby Lily Rose Returns Home to Anfi

12/06/2012 - Lily Rose Rowe-Brown, the baby girl who was born in Anfi last year, returned to her “home-from-home” for a family holiday where she received the warmest of welcomes from old friends and new.

Baby Lily Rose Returns Home to Anfi

Last August, proud parents Claire and Craig Rowe-Brown and their two children Amy and Owen, had come to Anfi for a relaxing break before the imminent arrival of their new baby.
However, what had appeared to be a stomach upset turned out to be newest family member family, Lily Rose, who was determined not to miss the fun of her first family holiday – even despite being seven weeks premature!

Such was her hurry to join the family in Club Puerto Anfi that dad Craig had to help Claire during her unexpectedly quick labour. And before the emergency services had the chance to arrive – baby Lily Rose had made her dramatic entrance into this world.

Mum Claire, speaking about her husband’s midwifery skills said he was “brilliant” and despite the young father’s shock, he calmly helped deliver his second daughter, remaining composed throughout the whole ordeal.

In less than fifteen minutes Lily Rose was born.

Over the following days, as staff became aware of events, the Anfi machine went into action: the consulate was contacted, the paperwork from the police was laboriously translated and filled out - and eventually after a few stressful days, Lily Rose was home at Anfi fit and healthy, having received her dual nationality, passport and two birth certificates.

The young couple were thrilled by the warmth and support they received. Claire said at the time of the British Consulate, “They could not have been more helpful and efficient – doing all they could to hurry things along.”

At Anfi, the reception staff were at hand to make phone calls, send faxes and provide baby clothes and gifts. Customer’s Services translated and dealt with the mounds of official paperwork, while a constant stream of chambermaids and cleaners dropped in with gifts and to coo over the baby.

Claire said, “We felt so calm because we were at Anfi – if we had been anywhere else we’d have been completely traumatised”. Craig added, “We are really grateful for all the help that we have received from everyone. We’ve felt so looked after – it’s been like having all our family with us”.

The family came back this year for a two-week stay, during which time they received plenty of visitors who were eager see how their ‘Anfi baby’ was coming along.

Little Lily Rose even attracted the attention of the local press, as journalists from Canarian newspapers and TV stations came along to interview her parents and photograph her.

The whole Anfi team were delighted to catch up with Lily Rose and her family – although everyone agreed this years Anfi holiday had been a lot more relaxing to say the least!
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