Never Too Late for Love

19/06/2012 - We hear many romantic stories from our members and guests and we know that for many Anfi is a special place, conducive to love and romance.

Never Too Late for Love

So we were delighted when newlyweds Lillias and Miller Douglas who were honeymooning at Anfi with along with Lilias’s daughter Diane and her family, told us their story - proving that it’s never too late for love.

The couple who are both 71 years young had been childhood sweethearts from the age of ten till eighteen in the little village of Skelmorie on the Scottish Ayrshire coast.

But when Lillias left the village to go to college, and then later on Miller left the village to begin work, the young lovers lost touch.

As time passed both met other partners, got married and settled down to bringing up their respective families. Although they heard news about each other’s lives through their respective families who remained in the village, they never saw each other until quite recently.

Knowing that Lillias like himself had been widowed many years ago, Miller decided to pluck up the courage and get in touch with his first love.

They hit it off straight away, realising that they still had a lot in common, such as a love of nature, long walks, and, most importantly, a passion for life that made them feel much younger than their years.

Their respect and love for each other was rekindled and talk soon turned to marriage – promptly a date and venue was set!
Despite her delight at the prospect of their approaching nuptials Lillias was concerned that she was “awfully old to be getting married”. That was until she visited a local dress shop choose her wedding outfit.

The reaction of the young women in the boutique was so sweet and they were so enthusiastic that the couple had found love despite their advancing years – that any feelings of ridiculousness that the bride harboured were vanquished.

Both their families were equally supportive and pleased to have gained a larger family circle overnight, since the couple have three daughters and eight grandchildren between them.

We caught up with Lilias and Miller during their honeymoon at Anfi and we were thrilled to be able to hear their heart-warming story – proving to us all that its ‘Never Too Late For Love!”

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