Anfi Steals the Scene

13/10/2009 - Anfi Resorts enjoy a starring role in the soon to be released short film, “Meeting Steven”

Anfi Steals the Scene

While Anfi guests and member families know just how special Anfi is, many filmmakers, too, are attracted by the resort’s outstanding beauty.

Over the years, filmmakers have come to Anfi to film scenes for movies and adverts and recently Anfi has just enjoyed yet another starring role in the soon to be released short film, “Meeting Steven”.

Having already filmed scenes in Madrid and New York, the film’s writer and director Carlos Bastardés and his film crew arrived in Gran Canaria for the finishing shots. The beauty of the Anfi Resorts dazzled Carlos and the star of the film, his actress sister, Pilar.

Released next month, the short film, “Meeting Steven” is an “explosion of colour and music which tells of the trials of a young woman who travels the world determined to find Steven. It cleverly incorporates three different genres: terror, mystery and comedy, to deliver a powerful positive message: if you follow your heart and don’t give up you will ultimately fulfil your dream.

The team chose various locations around Gran Canaria to represent different places around the world.

Our beautiful white sandy beach turned into Hawaii, Maspalomas Dunes became an Egyptian desert while Sioux City theme park was transformed into a sleepy Mexican village.

Although all scenes had been filmed, thirty-year-old Carlos, staying at Anfi Emerald Club, was so impressed by the beauty of Anfi Tauro that he decided to write an extra scene for the film to include images of the Anfi Tauro valley and golf course.

He said, “You often find a nice place but it often doesn’t have everything. Anfi has everything: a beautiful beach, a golf course, pools. We’ve had a stressful three weeks working twelve to fourteen hour days – so we’ve decided to stay on for another week just to relax”.

Pilar, who stars in the film agrees, “I’ve been relaxing all morning in the hot tub and it’s been out of this world. The quality of the accommodation and the standard of customer service just couldn’t be better”.

Soon though, it will back to Madrid for both of them where they will add special visual and sound effects and last minute details to the film before its release. After its initial release in Madrid’s Gran Via the film will be sent around the world to compete in international film festivals.

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