Full Membership purchased from Anfi Privately purchased Membership
AVC Membership included Ok No
Club and week exchanges Ok No
RCI Worldwide exchanges Ok No
Springfest 2 for 1 offers Ok No
Bonus Weeks Ok No
Possibility to bank/save weeks Ok No
‘Members Week’ offers Ok No
Rental Programme (when available) Ok No
Anfi Buy-back (when available) Ok No
Discounted prices for on-site services Ok No

Our Anfi UK Members often contact us to ask about Anfi Resale sites that pop up on the web or in national newspapers advertising AnfiResales Timeshare weeks because some of the prices seem too good to be true.

There are many wonderful sounding “bargain” sites and services out there offering you great deals on second hand Anfi weeks.

These sites would try to persuade you that the purchase of a Timeshare Resale is exactly the same product as Full Anfi Membership offers – with all benefits being transferred forward through the resale transaction to the new owner.

This simply is not the case.

Question: I’ve had a call from a Resale Company. Has Anfi shared my details?
Answer: No! Anfi would never share your details with a third party without your previous consent.

Q: I’ve received a call from Company saying they work with Anfi. What should I do?
A: Without advising you beforehand – Anfi would never authorize a third party to contact without your knowledge. Contact Customer Services to report this.

Q: Can I exchange my Anfi Week for a Worldwide Exchange or to another Anfi Club?
A: You can only exchange to another Anfi Club or to the best resorts worldwide if you have bought here on-site at Anfi in Gran Canaria.

Q: What safeguards do I have if I buy a resale week?
A: There are no safeguards. Anfi does not accept any responsibility whatsoever for any resale purchases, payments made, fraudulent paperwork etc.

Q: Can I purchase Anfi Weeks anywhere else?
A: No. Anfi only sells our weeks membership here on-site in Gran Canaria.

Q: Can I access the full range of AnfiHospitality through my private Resale Week?
A: No you can’t.  You will not be eligible for many services that we offer through full Membership purchased here on-site in Anfi.

Q: Can I introduce a friend to Anfi?
A: Private Resale week owners are not eligible for our Owner Referral Programme and therefore cannot enjoy the reward of this programme.

Q: Can I enjoy reduced price Bonus Weeks?
A: No, only Members of the Anfi Vacation Club are legible for these offers.

Only by purchasing on-site here at Anfi in Gran Canariawill you be guaranteed the flexibility that you need and deserve for a lifetime of dream holidays – adapting to the demands of your lifestyle and the changing circumstances you may face during the passing of the years.

We do not sell our weeks from anywhere else but here on-site in Gran Canaria. We have no authorised resellers and nobody else has our permission to market or sell ours weeks membership.

By purchasing with us we can assure you that your weeks are fully enrolled in our unique Anfi Vacation Club offering you and your family all the great benefits explained by your personal Sales Representative.

If you discover agents or individuals offering weeks online or advertised in newspapers these will be unauthorised, non-Anfi sales weeks and therefore we will accept no responsibility for any transactions that take place or any promises given by the seller.

You choose not to holiday one year?
Your AVC Operator will happily bank your week for you for the following year.

You want to enjoy extra luxury holidays?
Make the most of our competitively priced Bonus Weeks.

You want to explore the world?
With your Anfi Timeshare you can choose the best resorts using our Worldwide Exchange.

We are very often contacted by clients who have been misadvised by Timeshare Resale companies or by people who have bought Anfi Timeshare Weeks on the Resale market only to suffer severe disappointment when they discover the extent of the limitations of the product they have just purchased.

There are many rogue companies around and our Customer Service Department often have to deal with a lot of very let down and confused customers.

So, if you are considering buying or selling your Anfi Timeshare Weeks online - we strongly urge you to contact our Customer Service Department first to make sure you understand all the variables to be considered – and to avoid any undue stress and costs.

That’s why our Anfi Members choose to avoid such sites and buy directly from us!

Resale frauds – real life examples

Case 1
Mrs X owns 3 consecutive weeks in the same apartment at Anfi. One day she was been contacted by a Dr. Y who said he was acting as a broker and offered her €65.000 for her 3 weeks.

When she asked him why he was not buying directly from Anfi, he said he couldn’t get 3 weeks in the same apartment buying directly from Anfi. To prove who he was, he sent a copy of his national identity card to her.

Mrs X made 3 payments to Dr. Y for “administrative charges”, one of € 10.000, then € 5.000 and a last one of € 3.000 making a total of € 18.000. After making the payments she never heard from Dr. Y again.

Then she checked the identity card. Since German ID cards also contain the holders address, she discovered that the Dr. Y wasn’t indeed the true holder of that document. The real owner of the ID card had no clue how someone else could have had a copy of his ID.

Case 2
Client X was contacted by Mr. Z who said he had a buyer for the week owned by the client. But he said, the property should be first registered in the “Ground Registery”.

Client X was told that this would cost approximately € 3240 and if the client agreed and paid this initial amount then Mr. Z could arrange the sale.

After sending the payment client never heard again from Mr. Z.

Case 3
Mr. A was contacted by somebody who said they had a buyer for his week. But to proceed with the sale first they would need to sort out some papers with the town hall.

Mr. A received these papers by fax and when he showed me the documents, even to me, and I speak Spanish fluently and know about paperwork from our town hall, I couldn’t tell the difference from authentic paperwork and these as a falsification.

The client paid what the broker asked for but never heard again from this person.

Case 4
Clients were contacted by a broker who told them that he had a buyer for their week who was offering a very interesting price.

The clients only had to come to the south of Spain to sign the contracts.

When the clients travelled to Spain, the buyer had disappeared and the couple was offered instead a new timeshare week with a very tempting price.

Needless to say that the clients were not interested.

There was no sale and they had to cover the costs of their flights and accommodation.

(Angelika Fuchs, Collections)

Case 5
The Collection Department received a call from a member trying to arrange for a friend to use her Christmas week in Anfi del Mar.

When we informed her that she was not the owner of the week quoted, the member was shocked.

The member did confirm that the week was being advertised with a re-sale company, but that she had not received any confirmation that the sale had been finalised. Nor had they received payment for the week.

Case 6
We have received many calls from members who have been contacted by re-sale companies calling and asking members if they want to sell their week/s. Some claim to have someone interested in buying their week, but in order to make the sale the member is asked to pay an up-front fee.

We understand the fee to be around €1000 or more.

When payment has been made, the person working for the re-sale agent informs the member that they will call back to finalise the sale.

In cases where the member has taken the resale company’s number and calls back after not hearing anything about how the sale in proceeding, they are told the interested person has decided to buy other weeks and that their information will be kept on file.

This is the last they hear from these companies.

(Wayne Jowett, Collections)

Case 7
Mrs X has been a proud owner of three floating weeks at Anfi Emerald Club since 2007 which she uses every year. The weeks are affiliated into AVC Points which makes it even easier for her to holiday at Anfi.

At the beginning of year 2010 Mrs X took a short break to the south of Tenerife where a company (from now on named as Company Y) approached her to offer two weeks at Anfi Beach Club in a 2 bedroom unit type for the sum of 12.000 GBP.

The offer sounded really good and since Mrs X loves Anfi and coming to use the Anfi accommodation, she decided to make a deal for this amount - knowing that the price of the two weeks in a 2 bedroom apartment type could never be possible if purchasing from Anfi Sales directly.

She signed a purchase agreement with Company Y and gave them a bank cheque for the sum of 12.000 GBP and she was given two photocopies of a membership certificate for two weeks at Anfi Beach Club. The membership certificates seemed legitimate although they did show somebody else’s names at the front as the registered owners.

The resale company told her not to worry, as they would get in contact with her in a few days time with the membership certificates in her name.

A few days after returning home she still had not received any phone call from the resale company. She tried to telephone and e-mail them on several occasions to see when she was going to receive the new deeds for what she had purchased. Despite trying on many occasions she never received any reply from the Company Y - the phone line seemed to have been cut off and nobody replied to her e-mails.

In August 2010 whilst holidaying at the Anfi Resorts, she brought this issue to our attention and asked if we at Anfi had any confirmation of her two new weeks at ABC. She provided all the information to us and immediately we knew she had been dealing with a scam company and she had been cheated.

We provided all the information to the RDO Enforcement Project, who sadly confirmed that the resale company was indeed fraudulent, they had operated from Tenerife since 2008 and specialise in taking large amounts of money from people in exchange for falsified paperwork.

The weeks at ABC that she was supposed to have been sold by Company Y actually belonged to a young couple who had been having financial problems and who had asked for help from the aforementioned company.

This couple had made an advance payment of 1.000 GBP per week on the promise that they would get a good price for their weeks when sold.

Company Y had taken the 2.000 GBP from these members who were trying to sell plus 12.000 GBP from the member buying the weeks. They disappeared with the money from both parties, no transfer of membership was ever made and both parties (seller and buyer) were left disappointed and with a substantial loss of money.

After a few weeks of investigations and discussions, RDO supported both sides to recoup their money. The police tracked down the fraudulent firm with the aim of closing down their scam business, etc.

Although no money was ever returned the firm was closed down and people arrested by the police in Tenerife.

Anfi helped both family Members to find the best suitable options and solutions for their issues.

(María Hidalgo, Customer Service Department)


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