For your convenience, we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions which we have been asked over the years.

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DownWhy is 'Vacation Membership' different to Timeshare?

Genuine timeshare is a potentially fantastic concept because it offers flexibility and affordability. However, Vacation Membership goes beyond this by filling in the gaps, expanding on the overall concept, and setting new standards you deserve and that only Anfi can achieve. Vacation Membership is what, in an ideal world, timeshare should have been.

DownWhy choose Anfi?

At Anfi, excellence and values are not only maintained, but continually improved upon. Our core values are to offer security, customer satisfaction, service, quality, integrity and innovation.

DownWhy invest in Membership?

Membership should not be seen as an investment for financial gain. It is an investment in your life, your family, and your future holiday experiences.

DownWhy is Anfi Vacation Membership so highly regarded in comparison to other resorts?

Anfi is one of the leading Vacation Membership resorts in Europe. It’s easy to see why. The standards are unequalled and have earned Anfi its reputation for superior quality, luxury and exceptional services.

The Anfi del Mar Clubs have achieved consecutive Gold Crown Awards from the world-renowned RCI exchange network. Over 33,000 families enjoy Vacation Membership with Anfi. Look what some of them have to say in Member Testimonials. But to really understand why Anfi is so special, you have to see the resort with your own eyes.


DownWho is the RDO?

The Resort Development Organisation (RDO) is the official trade association that works to promote, develop and represent the vacation membership industry so that legitimate commercial and consumer interests can be satisfied.

DownWho are the Anfi Members?

Anfi members include over 33,000 families from all over the world. The majority come from all over Europe to enjoy the Canarian sun year after year at their idyllic ‘home from home’.

DownWho is the Anfi Group?

The Anfi Group is a joint venture between two leading companies, the Santana Cazorla Group and the Lyng Group. Their philosophy is to consistently maintain Anfi’s unequalled standards and high-quality service; core values that make thousands of peoples’ holiday dreams a reality.

DownWho is RCI?

RCI is Anfi’s selected partner for the External Exchange programme. It boasts an impressive range of resorts for those Anfi members who’d like to broaden their horizons and venture to new destinations. Through the Anfi Vacation Club, you can choose to exchange a stay at your Anfi suite for a holiday at any of the over 4,000 resorts of the worldwide RCI exchange network.


DownWhat is the Anfi Vacation Club?

The Anfi Vacation Club Service Centre is your one-stop shop for travel services, providing everything you need to make every holiday a success. Services include reservations, exchanges, airport transfers, and groceries delivered prior to your arrival. In addition to this a series of competitively priced travel services are available such as flights, last-minute offers, car rental, stopovers, long weekends, excursions, activity breaks and much more. The Anfi Vacation Club’s services are geared towards providing an exclusive service to Anfi Vacation Club members in one easy phone call.

DownWhat exclusive benefits do I get as an Anfi member?

Your membership card grants you access to all the exclusive member-only areas of Anfi, including the suites, the heated pools and all the restaurants and bars within the Clubs. As a member of the Anfi Vacation Club you are entitled to a world of privileges, including excellent value flights, car hire, travel insurance, tailor-made holidays and much more.

DownWhat is a Trustee?

A Trustee is a legal representative who works exclusively to represent the interests of Anfi members according to the rules established in the Deed of Trust. The Trustee is an independent company that is responsible for ensuring that the Club Constitution and law are adhered to by all parties. The Trustee is also the guarantor of the inventory who keeps a track of changes in the membership rights.

DownWhat are the different types of accommodation available?

You can choose between:

  • Studio (sleeps 4)
  • 1-bedroom suite (sleeps 4)
  • 2-bedroom suite (sleeps 6)
  • 3-bedroom suite (sleeps 8)

DownWhat are the catering options at Anfi del Mar?

Members can cook in the large, generously equipped kitchens and dine in or outside on the spacious, furnished balconies. If you enjoy dining out, there is an excellent variety of international and local-style restaurants to suit all tastes. You can choose between half-board, breakfast only or self-catering options. Anfi gives you the choice to make every aspect of your holiday perfect.

DownWhat is there to do at Anfi?

Anfi members and guests are spoilt for choice with an extensive range of sports and leisure activities that make everyone’s holiday dream a reality. Anfi del Mar has its own shopping centre, international restaurants and bars, marina and man-made island as well as a white Caribbean sandy beach and lush tropical gardens. Just 10 minutes away is the magnificent Anfi Tauro golf course. Find out more about all the exciting activities on offer during your holiday at Anfi.

DownWhat else does Anfi offer in addition to Vacation Membership?

In addition to luxury Vacation Membership, Anfi is developing a superb range of deluxe real estate leisure properties and Condo Hotels. Furthermore, a world class 18-hole championship golf course and par-3 course...

DownWhat other services and amenities does Anfi offer?

Try some fun and adventure with the on-site kids’ club - see Benito Mini Club or choose from a fantastic range of excursions to explore the island. Car rental is also available at the resorts for those guests who prefer a little freedom. Internet facilities keep you in touch with the outside world and with several shops and supermarkets, you’ll find everything close to hand.


DownHow does Anfi ensure the resort and the suites are maintained to the highest standards?

Commitment to delivering excellence is a core value at Anfi. Anfi employs rigorous systems that guarantee ongoing quality. A budget and maintenance programme employs craftsmen and professionals to ensure every aspect of the resort is systematically maintained to the same standards as the day it was built.

DownHow do I become a member?

If you would like to find out more about Vacation Membership, or are interested in becoming a member, we’ll be happy to answer your questions. See contact details. We look forward to giving you a warm welcome!

DownHow can I arrange to see Anfi if I am not already a member?

If you know someone who is already an Anfi member, you could have the chance to experience one week at Anfi as part of the Owner Referral Program?, which enables you to see the benefits of Anfi Vacation Membership for yourself. Or perhaps you’d like to make an appointment to come on a personal guided tour of the resort? Contact us today and we could be welcoming you to the sunny paradise of Anfi some time very soon.

DownHow do I request an internal or external exchange?

The Anfi Vacation Club enables you to reserve your stay at Anfi, exchange internally to a different resort, or exchange externally to one of the thousands of resorts around the world. All in/with one easy phone call. See Anfi Vacation Club to find out more.


DownWhen was Anfi founded?

Anfi del Mar was founded in 1988. Its four clubs were constructed in sequence over a ten-year period, with the first one opening in 1993. Anfi Tauro Golf & Luxury Resort was founded more recently, in 2004.

DownWhen is the best time to visit Anfi?

The Canary Islands have one of the most temperate climates in the world. And Anfi’s location on the south west coast of the island enjoys 30% more sunshine than any other destination in Gran Canaria. With an average temperature of 24 degrees all year round, your holiday at Anfi can be enjoyed at any time of the year.


DownWhere is Anfi located?

The Anfi Resorts can be found on the sun-kissed island of Gran Canaria, one of the largest of the seven Canary Islands located in the Atlantic Ocean, some 197 km from the coast of West Africa. The Anfi del Mar resort is located close to Arguineguín, just 30 minutes from the airport of Gran Canaria, and Anfi Tauro Golf & Luxury resorts, close to Amadores, is just 35 minutes from the airport. This is a privileged spot on the south-west coast of the island and enjoys a unique microclimate boasting the best weather conditions on the whole island. See Location.

DownWhere are the resorts in relation to the nearest beaches and attractions?

The Anfi del Mar resort has its own stunning white sandy beach, lush tropical gardens, marina, kids club and entertainment, shopping centre and plenty of international restaurants and bars – set in an idyllic landscape. Within the resort you’ll find a wide range of sports and leisure activities including watersports and a wellness centre.

Anfi Tauro Golf & Luxury resorts boasts a world class 18-hole championship golf course and Par-3 course. In the near future a white sandy beach, a 500-berth marina and multiple recreation facilities will further add to the excellence of the resort.

DownWhere did the materials used to build the resorts come from, and where does all that white sand on the Anfi del Mar beach come from?

The Anfi resorts were carved out of the volcanic rocks on the island’s south west coast of Mogán. The natural materials from the excavation work were recycled and used in/for? the construction, thus creating unique tourism complexes that blend in perfect harmony with their natural surroundings. Eleven thousand tonnes of the finest Caribbean sand were imported to create the soft white beach at Anfi del Mar.

DownWhere can I travel to with my Anfi Vacation Membership?

Anfi membership opens up a whole world of travel possibilities. As a member of the Anfi Vacation Club, you will be able to take part in the external exchange programmes, allowing you to expand your horizons and try new and exotic destinations! Our selected exchange partner is RCI, the world’s largest and most renowned exchange company that brings you over 4000 holiday possibilities to choose from in nearly 100 countries!


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