Anfi Vacation Club

Choice and Flexibility

The Anfi Vacation Club gives you the choice and flexibility that you deserve with more than 3,700 holiday destinations available to you!

As an Anfi Vacation Club Member, you will have privileged access to the world's most sought after destinations with no extra hassle; we can put together a complete package that enables you to make the most of all that's on offer at your chosen destination, complete with a door-to-door itinerary.

You can also mix and match from a full range of services: cheap fares, last-minute offers, car rental, stopovers, long weekends, excursions, activity breaks and more.

Whether you are in the mood for a cruise in the Caribbean, fishing in Fiji, meeting up with Micky Mouse or skiing in Switzerland - we believe that your holiday time is too precious to leave to chance, so leave it to us.

Sit back and enjoy uncompromised comfort every time.



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